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Zhengzhou MIC HT Industry Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou MIC HT Industry Co.,Ltd (HT Engineering Machinery Limited), founded in 2004, is located in Central China's central city of Zhengzhou, Henan. Is a focus on the synovium machine, along the stone synovium machine, shoulder synovium machine, curb stone synovium molding machine, curb stone synovium paver, curb synovium machine, curb synovium machine, asphalt sand water retaining belt molding machine R & D and manufacturing enterprises, our factory's production of multi-functional, fully automatic, low price.

In recent years, with the rapid development of highway construction in China, our company has grown into a leading supplier of professional solutions for the construction of curb slipform. Our factory has a variety of models, a full range of roadside sliding form construction machinery, can maximize to meet your requirements for the construction of roadside sliding form. Compared with foreign equipment, the same construction quality, but has a higher cost-effectiveness, faster service speed - this is a lot of new and old customers choose our solid reason.

Due to the tireless study of product technology, our factory has obtained four national patents (one national invention patent). In the domestic market of shoulder slipform molding machine, it has maintained over 40% market share for many years. At the same time, our factory has been appraised as "three strong industries of Slipform forming machine industry" for many years.

In early 2009, our factory joined hands with Yanshan University, a national key university, on the research and development of electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic technology and application of a deeper level of cooperation, so that we in the efficient development of products more suitable for domestic and foreign like a tiger!
All along, with the unswerving pursuit of higher quality, we have achieved today's leading position in the industry, but also won the favor of the majority of new and old customers and recognition. In the future, we will continue to uphold the creed of "Creation and Moving", constantly forge ahead, constantly transcend, and strive to create more value for you!

Here, we wholeheartedly look forward to working with you to win a win-win situation and create a better tomorrow.




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